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Membership Benefits 

The Bell Chamber of Commerce has multiple  benefits on 

becoming a chamber member. You will have resources available to you.

Seminars & Workshop 

We work with different companies and organizations to help educate the business community on multiple topics that affect your business.  


Have an issue or a problem? The chamber will stand with you and see what we can do to solve the issue. We will advocate for you all the way up to the legislative level. 

Networking Opportunities  

The BCC hosts and works with other chambers to maximize the networking opportunities for our members, gets new clients & new prospects with our networking events.

Marketing Opportunity 


Grand Opening 
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Have a new business or haven't had your grand opening & ribbon cutting ceremony? Well, we will plan it for you, bring elected officials, & give recognition for your big day. The chamber team will work with you to create flyers and send out invitations for your ceremony.

Members Discount Program


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