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President's  Message 


Kosal Kong - 

Owner, Kong's Pet & Grooming 

"I'm honored to be the President of the Bell Chamber of Commerce. I look forward to working with the board, staff and members in fulfilling the Chamber's mission to assist and serve the businesses and local community."

Members of the Board

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Kosal Kong
President, Executive Board
Kong's Pet & Grooming

Robert Rojas
Vice President, Executive Board 
Audax Entertainment


Ana Moncada
Board Member
Advanced Healthcare Administrators

Susan Ayala
 Board Member
Republic Services

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Veronica Gardea

Secretary, Executive Board

Awards You Will Remember 

Beatriz Zamora
Treasurer, Executive Board
Studio Chardon

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Stephanie Valencia
Secretary , Executive Board
IPS Commercial Capital Real Estate

Bell Chamber of Commerce Logo.png

Edward Melgar
Board Member
City Driving School  


Adolfo Varas
Executive Director

Bell Chamber of Commerce


The Bell Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of business, industrial, and professional people, working to promote and improve the civic economic well-being of Bell. Its members do collectively what no one individual could do alone. To assist them, the chamber maintains a centrally located office and employs a full time professional staff to co-ordinate the affairs of the organization and to operate an information/ welcoming service which responds to thousands of inquiries annually. The Chamber represents Bell businesses and all local taxpayers at every level of government by supporting beneficial legislation and opposing unnecessary or detrimental legislation. Along with serving as the liaison between local business and government, the chamber, through its committee structure, provides a number of services for networking, advertising campaigns, referral services, grand opening, Chamber publication, maps, directories, assorted brochures, statistical information and various business development workshops and seminars. The Bell Chamber of Commerce has assisted business in the community since its founding in 1923. Your investment in the chamber improves your ability to reach new customers, clients, or patients, protect your business from overregulation, offers training and growth opportunities and translate into higher profits for you. The profits you derive depends on how you use the Chamber’s services. Our professionals staff is available top relate methods that have worked for others. Chamber investments improve our life-style through energetic programs in public education, Governmental affairs, public safety and civic responsibility

Adolfo Varas

Executive Director


Jovanna Laborin

Assistant to the Executive Director


Laura Ibarra

Membership Director

"Working Together"

Meeting as a group or as a committee, analyzing discussion, examining problems, proposing solutions, initiating discussion, examining related facts, acting in accordance with the expressed will of the majority, constantly striving to improve business, and build a better community.

"To make Bell a safer, cleaner, better and a beautiful place to live and work in."

The Voice Of The Business

By unifying the voices of all Bell Business Leaders, we can have a powerful impact in moving our City in a positive direction for years to come. By joining the Bell Chamber of Commerce, you lend your support to advocacy efforts that benefits our overall economy, while staying informed on pertinent issues that can affect your bottom line. With your support, we will be the largest Advocacy Organization to ensure that the city of Bell continues to be a city that is industrial & friendly to all businesses of all sizes.

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